We sat down with Triple Seed's Silent Witness to get a feel for what 2012 has in store, and come away with a wicked promo mix which sets the bar high for the 7th Birthday.

Please introduce yourself...

Dan Braine aka Silent Witness.

You've been releasing dark, techy music for over a decade on some of the most renowned labels in Drum & Bass. Do you feel the sound has changed much over the years?

At the moment it seems like the sound has gone clean and clinical for the most part. I am quite into it!

What influences you to make this type of music?

Trying and usually failing to get what's in my head into the speakers, the challenge never ends!

Who’s currently inspiring you, both in and outside of Drum & Bass?

Currently I am really liking DLR & Octane. Outside of D&B, quite a lot of metal - I'm currently awaiting the new Gojira album. They're a great French metal band I discovered back in 2007 that got me back into that side of things 15 years later!

What tracks have you got coming out soon?

Things are Bad/Potty Mouth on Dispatch Recordings.

Do you have plans to release an album?

I'll be releasing my album on Triple Seed (my label) this year as well as a new (unnamed) project with Survival on Dispatch.

Tell us something we didn't know about you?

I have a side project doing commercial music for film and tv called Bolo Music with my good friend and amazing musician, Ryan Ansah.

What have you got in the bag for the 7th birthday?

Tons of deep and heavy unreleased solo and collaborative material featuring Klute, Survival, Break, Prolix, and Vicious Circle!

Grab Silent Witness' 7th Birthday promo mix here.

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